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Tea is a choice for the smart people. Studies have revealed that consumption of tea has marvellous benefits to the health which cannot be ignored. Knowing such benefits of the relaxing brew, it becomes a smart choice for you to use it as a gift for a person you care. Such manifolds benefits and the exhausting variety of tea opens up a plethora of choice for you to pick from. While gifts reflect the fact that you care, it is great if what you gift also adds to the care and actually benefits the recipient.

TASTEA brings you a plethora of such choices of tea which are packed as gifts! For your tea lover friend, this can just be the perfect option to gift and add delight their cup of pleasure. The spellbinding essence of each of the tea that we have on offer makes as the perfect choice for a gift when you pay a visit to any of your acquaintances the next time. Every cup of our blended tea calls for another cup in the offing and delights the taste buds while relaxing the mind to its zenith.

Having gifted someone a bouquet of happiness is always a fantastic feeling. Our wide range of assorted tea leaves makes up as that perfect gift and at the same time assures that your present stands out from a host of others at any time.


Why would you want to buy from us? We asked ourselves that very same question and this is what we have answered ourselves. So here are few great reasons to choose Tastea Kolkata.

  • We tend to connect and share with others. We want our customers to receive the best.
  • We are dedicated to offering the highest quality products.
  • All our products are not just of best quality but are also best at their pricing.
  • We have a wide range of pricing and all the products are worth every penny of yours.

With each of our brew emitting essence of pleasure in every sip, tea sums up as the best gift you can ever come up for a tea lover. For someone who takes interest in tea and is passionate about it, they will love such gifts and the amazing packaging that we do. TASTEA leaves no stone unturned to bring the best flavours on table for our customers so that once they taste such delight; they keep coming back to us again. You can rest assured that after they drink the first sip from your gift, you will get a call back from them to be praised for the amazing present.


After a tiring day at work, a cup of tea served is a delight that soothes the soul and fills the heart. You would want to give such happiness to another person and this is where TASTEA comes in action and establishes itself as a pioneer tea gifting online store.

With the holiday season coming up and the season of gifts literally waving around throughout the year, your teatotaler friend gets the gift that he/she would remember for really long. It is said that a good cup of tea is as precious to a tea lover as the pearls of wisdom! TASTEA delivers on this front and gets you the most premium brew from the best tea gardens in the country along with a packaging that promises to leave a mark. No matter what be your budget, we have packed leaves of delight in every budget for you to gift to your loved ones and friends.


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