About Us

About Us

Tea makes your mornings great so why not have great tea every morning!

TASTEA is an online seller of tea packed as gifts which are fresh and soothing for the taste buds. Each of the tea that we have on offer is handpicked from the best of tea gardens at the hands of experts. Our authentic quality and stock of tea makes up as the most unique stock in the market along with a label of trust from our brand. Our superior packaging quality further assures that the freshness of the tea leaves are left intact and emits the same essence to the recipient when unboxed.

With an immense variety of over 3000 types of tea in the world and a staggering 7.5 billion people, it is imperative that each of them have a unique taste and choice of their own. Tea is something that unites many and this is why our exclusive tea gifting store makes up as the best solution for you when in need of a unique and exclusive gift! Our extensive stock of tea will lure you into a world of brew that has a lot more to it and needs greater exploration so as to drink the miracle. Our experts’ couple up the best teas together to create e blend that has stimulating essence and a bag full of health benefits.

Our mission and vision

We believe that tea has a unifying quality to it as it brings together a host of people over a cup. Our mission is to enrich the taste buds of the people with the best tea they have ever tasted. We aim to cater as an online gifting store that offers tea in various packaging for the tea lovers to feel sheer amazement. As we all know that tea is the second most drank in world after water and we plan to take up this opportunity to commoditise tea to a greater extent and make the most from it. Our mission is to be present at each of the gathering through our product and take part of the endless gossip and discussion along with some delicious pakodas on the table.

Our vision is to enhance the value of tea as a good that can be used as a gift. We advocate the fact that if you are planning to gift someone then stand out from the rest and gift a mesmerising package of tea. It will remain long in memory of the recipient and also sum up as the best gift if it is given to a teatotaler. Traditional notion of gifting snacks, sweets and chocolates will soon be out of vogue due to their unhealthy attribute and replacing it with tea bouquets is great because of the medicinal benefits it has.

Our lucrative packing and assures that the gifts are instantly liked and when they are opened the essence floors the receiver! Each of our packages is made in a way that it can be used later after being emptied of its content. Once you gift our products, we expect you to come back and soon shop more with us!